Ben Quigley’s talented team of instructors is comprised of leading fitness experts who share his vision for teaching with a smile and a genuine passion for helping people fulfil their fitness and health goals.

Ben Quigley

Ben is a an accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist and the owner of Symetrie. Born and bred in Clovelly, Ben has over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Passionate about sport from a young age, Ben represented his school at state and national levels in multiple sporting arenas before channelling that energy into his career path, gaining university qualifications in Exercise Science with a major in Exercise Physiology. Ben’s favourite fitness philosophy is: ‘you can’t out train a bad diet’.

Kat Jacob

Kat follows a holistic approach to health and wellbeing believing that movement, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness form the key pillars to creating healthy, strong and mobile bodies. While we can’t always prevent injury, we can prepare our bodies and lessen the consequences when injuries do happen. Kat advocates movement as an important tool for long-term health which should be integrated into everyone’s life in a fun and sustainable way. Her training approach draws on principles from gymnastics, pilates, traditional strength training and yoga.

Jemma Griffin

Jemma is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. When she’s not working in the gym as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer, she runs fall prevention/balance and strength classes for older adults in a rehabilitation hospital. Jemma loves running, boxing, soccer, camping, bushwalking and long days lazing at the beach – really anything that involves moving, playing or being outdoors.

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Alex Duncan

Alex has ten years’ experience in the fitness industry, and his philosophy revolves around optimising performance. Performance in the gym, but also in the office, at home, and out there in the real world every day, ready for whatever life throws at you. Alex has a Cert IV in Fitness, Strength & Conditioning Level 1 and instructor qualifications in boxing and competitive strokes (swimming) and boxing. He’s currently training to gain functional strength and movement across the board and is challenging himself to be triathlon fit for Noosa 2020.

Charles Plant

Charles is a strong advocate of the physical and mental benefits of exercise. He currently studies exercise physiology at University of New South Wales and plans to continue his studies with a Master in Physiotherapy.  Through this Charles yields the tools to assist in the improvement of others health and wellbeing. His favourite quote is ‘we do not stop exercising because we grow old, we grow old because we stop exercising’

Kirasie Tate

Kirasie grew up in Lismore NSW, deferring her sports science degree at uni to move to Sydney and pursue a career in modelling. She quickly scrapped that life path and chose to focus on fitness and strength training for a healthier body shape. Kirasie has a Cert III and IV in Fitness, and is pre and post-natal qualified. She loves the beach and mid-distance running (5-15km), and her favourite quote is: ‘no one should go through life without realising their full potential’.

Henny Moody

Henny is a female transformation coach from Adelaide. She recently moved up to Sydney to pursue her passion for the fitness industry working for online fitness apps as a content strategist and fitness expert. Henny was 2017 Women’s Health’s Top 5 Next Australian fitness stars, she is a law graduate, and passionate for all things health and wellbeing. Her expertise are HIIT, bodyweight, free-weights and boxing. Her training mantra is: ‘your body is capable of the most extraordinary things, when your mind allows it’. You will often see Hen applying that method when she is sweating it out alongside you early in the mornings.

Symetrie Ashlea Quigley
Ashlea Quigley

Ashlea is passionate about the health and fitness industry and is always looking to further her education and use that knowledge of the human body in her sessions. She has over 10 years’ of experience and has previously worked as a Sports Therapist for national and international sporting teams. After suffering from a back injury and treating it through pilates she witnessed the benefits firsthand – the source of inspiration to study and become a Pilates Instructor.

Carragh Gordon

Carragh brings her creative background into her training with the believe that if your training is fun, it’s going to be consistent. Passionate about healthy food and lifestyle, she has a wholistic approach to her training and her clients.

“Consistency is key, making small changes that last a lifetime is far better than big changes that last a week”