Symetrie’s group exercise sessions comprise the following classes: Circuit, Boxing Cardio, Pilates, maxHiit, mums & bubs, kids fitness, personal training and corporate wellbeing.


Symetrie circuit sessions are structured to give you a full body workout with a focus on functional movement.

These sessions are circuit-based with a mixture of strength, core and cardio exercises.

With 15 different formats and more than 80 different workouts you will never do the same session twice. State-of-the-art equipment, innovatively crafted sessions and an energetic, social environment will help release endorphins and have you coming back for more!


Our mat class sessions help burn calories, strengthen the core and tone the body all at the same time.

The sessions utilise a range of pilates exercise pieces such as rollers, circles, balls, bands and light weights but even without the added resistance you will find the body weight exercises challenging and provide great toning benefits.

Boxing Cardio

Based on all the same concepts that professional boxers use to train, Symetrie’s boxing cardio sessions incorporate technique, strength and core conditioning.

The sessions take on a variety of different formats that ensure a great cardiovascular workout where you can expect traditional boxing combinations, high intensity conditioning and strength and endurance abdominal sets.

The classes are fun, challenging and will suit people of all fitness levels.

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$49 for 2 weeks unlimited


Want to really challenge yourself and see how far you can push your body? Our maxHiit sessions provide the response.

Using the same functional movement patterns that you will find in our signature circuit, our maxHiit session is more target-based and aims to set you goals and milestones that track your fitness improvement on a weekly bases. A true measure of achievement!

Not for the faint-hearted yet open to all fitness levels. The only requirements are a strong desire to push yourself and your body.

Personal Training

Personal training at Symetrie is a complete package.

We recognise that one size does not fit all and that everyone’s body behaves and reacts differently. Each individual session is customised to suit individual clients and the goals they have set with their trainer.

Personal training is not just about exercise. It is a health journey that encompasses all aspects of our life – exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, sleep. Using the application of the latest scientific studies our exercise physiologists will design a program that gives you a customised approach to your health and well-being and guarantees results.

Corporate Wellbeing

With vast experience in the corporate health and wellbeing sector, Symetrie’s objective is simple – we aim to educate, support and motivate employees to improve their health and productivity.

The most successful companies all recognise the link between employee health, absenteeism and productivity.

Implementations can be as a simple as a lunchtime group exercise session, a fruit bowl in the kitchen or a monthly newsletter. All of these will boost morale amongst employees, and create a healthier, and ultimately happier, workplace.

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Love your training and leave with
a smile on your face

Symetrie Mums & Bubs

Mums & Bubs

Specialised group exercise sessions, comprising alternative pelvic floor safe exercises, catered specifically to postnatal mums.

Sessions are a mixture of circuit based intervals that include strength, cardio and pelvic floor stability exercises.

These sessions are designed to build up your stamina and confidence and are also a perfect opportunity to socialise with other new mums, share your experiences and make the step back into exercise less daunting, much more fun.

Babies are encouraged to come along!

Kids Fitness

Symetrie’s kids fitness program is performed by a fully qualified Exercise Physiologist.

We conduct highly-engaging sessions, teaching through simple coaching cues, created to channel the energy of kids with fun movement patterns.

The key outcomes of the program is to improve coordination and balance, fundamental movement skills, flexibility, strength and endurance.


All Symetrie workouts are 45 minutes in duration and focus on the latest protocols of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). The sessions are circuit-based, combining strength, core and cardio exercises.

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