4 Ways to Naturally Support Your Immune System

Winter is here to stay (for a while) and with the chill comes that time of year where everyone is feeling a little bit run down, fatigued, and lethargic.

Now is the perfect time to give your immune system a bit of love, to support your body in fighting off the colds, flus and other not-so-fun aspects of winter. And before you ask – no fancy supplements or expensive treatments are required! We’re sharing our all-natural, simple yet super effective methods for boosting your immunity and giving your body the little bit of extra support it’s craving.

1.Prioritise sleep.

Sleep is vital for the function of your immune system. Sleep can actually boost the infection-fighting cells in your body, making you better able to fight off common colds and viruses if you’re exposed.

If you’re not getting enough sleep (we’re talking quality OR quantity) , you’re more likely to get sick after being exposed to these viruses, and also likely to take longer to recover if you do get sick.

Aim for 7-9 hours of really good quality sleep each and every night to give your immune system the best support in fighting off infections and viruses, and keep your body feeling fantastic.

2. Eat a diet rich in a variety of whole foods.

We know how important a healthy diet is for weight balance and many other things, but what about the role of nutrition in your immune system function?

Your body needs a massive range of micronutrients to support its optimal function – including its immune function. The only way to give your body what it needs is to eat a healthy, balanced diet rich in whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, lean protein, legumes, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.

If you’re lacking in nutrients, your immune cells and antibodies are compromised, putting you at greater risk of chronic diseases and viruses. Basically, you’re left vulnerable and exposed if you’re not eating well!

And a key word in this tip is variety. While eating healthily is great, if you’re eating the same meal day after day, chances are you’re just consuming a bunch of a handful of nutrients, and neglecting others. So it’s important to incorporate a massive range of different fruits, veggies, etc, to give your body as many different vitamins and minerals as possible. This also supports your immune system, helping you fight off inflammation and infection thanks to the optimal function of your well-nourished body!

3. Reduce stress levels.

Stress actually plays a big role in your immune function, with a whole heap of conditions from stomach upset to heart disease showing strong links to emotional stress.

The fact is, stress wreaks havoc on your immune system. Over time, it places so much stress on your body – both physically and mentally – that your immune system gets weaker, and you’re more prone to illness and stress-related conditions.

Stress looks different for everyone, so it’s important to monitor how you’re feeling day to day, and take steps to minimise the stressors in your life where possible. Stressing over getting to work on time? Leave 5-10 minutes earlier in the morning. Stressing about a fight you had with your partner? Sit down and talk it out calmly so you can move on.

Whatever the stressor, the subjective stress you’re experiencing can impact your immune system – particularly when it’s chronic, long-lasting stress you’re struggling with.

4. Move your body.

We know exercise is fantastic for just about everything when it comes to health – so much so that it even plays a big role in support immune health! Regular exercise improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, supports metabolism and even protects you against a variety of diseases.

Plus, it naturally protects your immune system, increasing your body’s ability to fight disease, illness and infection, and helping your disease-fighting cells detect illnesses earlier, so they can respond quickly to remove any threat to your body or immunity. It’s a key piece of the puzzle when it comes to healthy living.

So get onto it, support your immune system today with these four super simple tips!

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