How to stay healthy when life gets hectic

As we all return to work, school and our normal routines, life quickly becomes hectic and busy. Squeezing in work, family, friends, appointments, exercise, self-care… it all becomes a lot to handle!

And often in these crazier times, our health is the first thing we let slide…

So this year, we’re sharing four super simple tips to help you stay healthy, even when life gets a little hectic. You can find time to be healthy if you implement these small changes, in fact they might even save you time in the long run and ensure you’re exercising and eating well at the same time!

  1. Plan.

Set aside just 20-30 minutes each Sunday to roughly plan your meals and workouts for the week ahead. Write a list of the ingredients you’ll need for those meals, and do a big grocery shop so you’re ready for the week ahead.

Book in your workouts using our Symetrie App, and add your workouts to your diary or calendar for the week, along with any other commitments you might have. Your exercise, like your other meetings and commitments, is now part of your weekly schedule, so attending the classes you’ve booked is no longer an option, but instead becomes a part of your to-do list.

In just half an hour of planning, you’ve now taken the guesswork out of your week, and made things so much easier for yourself. You’ve got your meals sorted, you know what you’ve got on each day, and you can plan accordingly.

By doing your grocery shopping and stocking your kitchen with everything you need to execute your plan, you’re also making sure you’re less inclined to end up getting takeaway every night or eating out unnecessarily when you feel stressed out and pressed for time. After all, you have healthy foods on hand, and you have a plan of how you’ll use and enjoy them!

2. Prepare.

Don’t stress, this doesn’t mean you have to meal prep a week’s worth of lunches and dinners! Instead, focus on preparing individual ingredients.

By now, you know roughly what meals you’re going to have through the week. If some of them require roast vegetables, dedicate an hour of your Sunday to roasting a huge tray of your favourite veggies. You might poach some chicken for a different meal at the same time, and chop up some salad ingredients.

By prepping ingredients, you’re not forcing yourself to eat the same meal over and over again throughout the week (we understand – there’s a reason why meal prep commonly fails! We get bored!), but you’re also significantly reducing your cooking time in the future.

Even better, if some of your ingredients are ready to go, you’re much less likely to turn to Uber Eats or grab some quick takeaway when you’re pressed for time during the week. If you have half the meal ready to go, it becomes so much easier to cook a healthy, nutritious meal than even ordering a fast food alternative.

Know yourself, and anticipate your habits and actions – then be smarter.

3. Prioritise yourself.

Self care and taking time for yourself is just as important, if not more so, when life gets busy. Yet, like our nutrition and exercise, it’s one of the first things we sacrifice when other things come up.

In your weekly planning time, dedicate at least an hour per week to self care, scheduling it into your diary alongside your other commitments. It can be divided up into 10 minutes per day, 6 times a week, or enjoyed all in one block. It’s totally up to you!

This time might be spent enjoying a relaxing bath, reading your favourite book, meditating, or having a massage. It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend it, the simple act of doing something you enjoy purely for yourself is restorative and rejuvenating. In fact, it helps prevent burnout!

So while it may seem as though you “simply don’t have time” for self care, making the time will mean you can be more productive and efficient for the remainder of the week! Everyone can find an hour… It’s all about priorities!

4. Practice saying no.

For some reason, we’ve developed a real difficulty saying no. Whether it’s saying no to work opportunities, social events, family obligations, or even endless to-do lists, saying no is so important. In fact, it’s actually a really positive thing.

This is where the ability to prioritise becomes important. Decide what aspects of your life are most important to you, and if your health and your workouts are two of those things, then you might need to make some sacrifices for them along the way.

Determined to commit to that Monday morning workout? Maybe you say no to a Sunday session this week, and instead go to bed early so you start the week off strong.

Trying to eat nutrient-dense meals throughout the week to maintain your energy levels? Maybe you say no to pizza and cocktails with a friend, and instead suggest heading to a restaurant with a wider variety of options on the menu.

Saying no is important in protecting your priorities, and keeping your commitments to yourself. If you learn to say no when life gets overwhelming, you’ll always be able to find enough time to maintain your nutrition and fitness – even in the busiest of times.

Setting aside some time each Sunday (or whatever day works for you) to plan, prepare and prioritise is so important for ensuring you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your fitness and nutrition on track – even in your busiest times.

Get organised and book your next sessions via our App. We’re here to help you stay on track and keep you motivated in your health journey!

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