5 Reasons Strength Training Should be Part of EVERY Fitness Routine

While you’ve heard us talk about the many benefits of HIIT training before, there’s another aspect of training which should be part of everyone’s fitness routine for maximum results… Wait for it… Strength training!

Strength, or resistance, training can be any exercise performed under tension or load – whether that involves dumbbells or kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, push/pull movements on the TRX, resistance bands… It can look many different ways.

The point is, this type of training is so effective in building strength, toning muscles, and helping you look and feel fantastic – both physically and mentally. It’s exactly why we add strength-based movements to every Symetrie session; to maximise your results!

Check out some of the many reasons why strength training is a must for any fitness routine.

1.It supports your bones and joints.

As we get older, we naturally lose bone and muscle mass, meaning we also get weaker and less mobile. This leaves us at risk of fractures and injuries.

However, strength training can fix this problem! Regular strengt training increases your bone density (for both younger and older people!), and helps lower your risk of arthritis and osteoporosis later on in life. It also improves your muscle strength and tone, which effectively protects your joints from injury. What a win!

2. Boosts metabolism and helps manage weight.

Strength training can help you boost your metabolism, so you burn more calories each day even when you’re resting. Strength training builds lean muscle, and the more lean muscle you have, the more energy you burn in a day, even when you’re lazing around on the couch watching Netflix!

Plus, resistance training also keeps your metabolism firing for hours after a workout, so you continue to burn calories long after you’ve finished your Symetrie sessions.

These two factors can both help you achieve a balanced and healthy weight and feel confident in your body – in fact, studies have found that, thanks to the improved metabolism and toned muscles achieved from resistance exercise, strength training significantly improves body image.

3. Builds strength and functional movement.

This might seem obvious but… strength training builds strength! Not only does it make you stronger, it also improves your ability to perform day-to-day functional movements and activities – think lifting heavy groceries, carrying kids around, housework. Your improved mobility and strength from resistance training will help prevent injury, and even allow you to train harder so you can keep seeing those fantastic results!

4. Improves posture and balance.

Lifting weights challenges your muscles and joints to work through a full range of motion, keeping them strong and flexible – which essentially improves your posture and balance too! This supports your agility and will help you feel free and fantastic in your body.

5. Helps you achieve results and break through a plateau.

We know it’s important to have variety and challenge in your workouts – and strength training achieves this every time, without fail.

Doing the same workouts consistently can get boring, which is why we love mixing up our sessions at Symetrie. A great benefit to strength training is, once a certain weight or movement gets easier, you can increase the level of challenge by increasing your weight or progressing a movement pattern. This means you’ll continue to push past plateaus in your workouts, and see results time after time!

Plus, it makes a perfect complement to your cardio routine, working different parts of your body and building different fitness systems, to help you get maximum bang for your buck. This is why we love adding both strength and cardio-based movements to every session at Symetrie.

So, if you’re ready to reap the rewards of resistance training for yourself, book into your next Symetrie session now!

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